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Crime & Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) Project launched


Following is the text of speech of Shri Sushilkumar Shinde, the Union Home Minister at Pilot Launch of Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System at New Delhi today:-

“Today, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I wish to announce the pilot launch of the Home Ministry’s flagship Crime & Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) project. Back in September 2009, my predecessor during the DGPs Conference, had while referring to the importance of CCTNS project had commented that it would make a quantum jump in our ability to counter the challenges that we face. The ambitious project was then in a nascent stage and was still evolving. However, today after a period of 3 years and considerable hard work by all involved, this project has reached an important milestone. It is important to note that today we are taking a major step towards becoming a safer society by leveraging the benefits of technology in policing functions.

Today, all the States and Union Territories across the length and breadth of our Country are in the process of implementing the CCTNS project. When we began the program three years ago, the focus was on building the capacity for implementation of this ambitious project. The next step was to implement the project in all the police stations and higher offices at the earliest. While we have launched the pilot phase of the project today, the project is being extended to the remaining locations of the Country as we speak.

It is my firm belief that the CCTNS project demonstrates the role that technology can play in building a modern India. The Government wants to make use of technology in bringing greater transparency and accountability into government functioning and CCTNS is an important step forward in this direction.

While this is a great moment, I must talk about the multitude of challenges that have been overcome during the last three years primarily due to the active involvement of officials from all the States, MHA and National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

One of our biggest challenges was to identify and attain consensus on a common set of requirements to address not only the day-to-day policing functions but also the ever-changing needs of our society. To achieve these desired objectives, a detailed study was undertaken in various parts of the Country and this also involved taking inputs from all the stakeholders. As a consequence of these efforts, the launch of CCTNS citizen portal in the coming days will go a long way in making the police functioning citizen friendly and in improving the delivery of citizen centric services.

Another challenge, owing to the State led implementation model of the project, was to select vendors for execution of the project in the States. You would be happy to know that System Integrators have been appointed across 31 States and Union Territories. We need to complete the unfinished business in the remaining States/UTs.

The project spans across all the 35 States and Union Territories and its implementation in more than 21000+ locations is by no measure a mean task. Despite all the challenges today we are at this stage of pilot launch of the project in 25 States and Union Territories.

At this important juncture of pilot launch of CCTNS, all the States are committed to implementing the project in time and are working to complete all the required activities. The key to success of the project will remain acceptance of the new system by all the levels of the police machinery and a significant change management effort is required in order to achieve this. You would be happy to know that required training and change management initiatives have been undertaken in the past 3 years to sensitize police personnel across all the levels. To take this initiative further, I urge all present here to initiate activities in their respective States and Union Territories to empower and support the workforce in understanding and adopting the new way of working to fully realize the potential benefits of this fundamental change.

As I mentioned earlier, a key component of any government project are the people of the Country and with this in mind, by April 2013, we will launch important citizen services like online registration of complaints, tracking of FIRs, service requests etc.

While we may be proud of our achievements but there is no room for complacency. It is important that each one of us is aware of the larger objective, which is nationwide implementation of the project and achievement of the project’s desired benefits by the police and the citizens. I am certain that this project will go a long way in bringing about a positive change in our Country.

I will conclude by once again congratulating all those associated with the CCTNS project. I am confident that you will continue to contribute to the successful rollout and implementation of the project in the entire Country. My wishes to one and all”.


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