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The issue of exploitation of women and children domestic workers is frequent and regularly reported. With no rights and rules to fall back on, most of the domestic helps have become contemporary slaves. It is also a known fact that many women and children are trafficked and exploited by the placement agencies, which operate openly without any form of restrictions and regulations. In last few decades there has been a tremendous growth in the demand for domestic workers which has led to the trafficking and other forms of exploitation of millions of Women and children of the both sexes and to meet this growing demand there has been a spurt of thousands of placement agencies providing domestic workers in metro-towns of many states who are exploited in various ways as well as trafficked and remain outside the purview of any legislative control. Absence of any legal protection , has led to severe exploitation women and children which include depriving domestic workers from there entire salary average more then 16-18 hours of work per day, absence of proper food and living/sleeping condition, forced and total cut off from their family members, bounded labour , sexual exploitation by agent during transit, at the office of agency and at the work place in houses of employers, The list of exploitation is endless and frequently reported upon by the media The legislations such the recent notification on prohibition of child labour in domestic work under Child Labour (Prohibitions &Regulation ) Act, 1986 can not be implemented in the absence of any implementation mechanism in this Act. Recently few State Govt. have taken different initiative such as including domestic workers under minimum wage notification but in the absence of a central legislation capable of reaching all domestic workers none of these state level measures can really benefit the domestic workers That only a Comprehensive Central Legislation specifically designed to meet the working condition of the domestic workers including registration , who are an important segment of service sector of Indian economy and who have an Multiplier impact on the economy by enabling the women in particular to work by sharing the family burden, can ensure the end of the exploitation of these domestic workers. That in the public interest that the domestic workers, employing, as it does, a very large number of women and whose conditions of work and living need amelioration and to whom regularity of employment must be assured, Placement agencies must be regulated so that the Directive Principles of the Constitution more particularly the relevant provisions Article 39, 41, 42, 43, and 43-A of the Constitution are given effect to by a law made by Parliament with reference to entries 22, 23 and 24 of List III in the 7th Schedule in the Constitution.



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