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Labour Rights to Domestic Workers



The Union Labour & Employment Minister Shri Mallikarjun Kharge has informed the Rajya Sabha that the International Labour Conference of ILO (ILC) at its 100th Session held in Geneva in June, 2011 adopted the Domestic Workers Convention (C-189) supplemented by the Domestic Workers Recommendation (R-201). The Government of India delegation was also present in ILC.

ILO Conventions are international treaties, open for ratification to Member countries. The ratification of an ILO Convention is a voluntary process. As per existing policy, Government of India ratifies an ILO Convention only when its laws and practices are in total conformity with the provisions of the Convention.

The State Governments are empowered to enact legislation for domestic workers. The Central Government has also enacted the Unorganized Workers’ Social Security Act, 2008 for providing social security to the unorganized workers which include domestic workers.

The Minister war replying to a written question whether Government has taken cognizance of the Convention on Domestic Workers 2011; and by when it proposes to ratify the Convention as it is binding on India and member-States of the International Labour Organization; and the details of current steps being taken.


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