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Ministry of Women and Child / Government of India- Contacts


Telephone Numbers and E-Mail Addresses




 E-mail Address

Fax Number
Smt Krishna Tirath Minister of State
(Independent Charge)
Smt. Neela Gangadharan Secretary 011-23383586 secy.wcd@nic.in 011-23381495
Mr. Sudhir Kumar Addl. Secretary 011-23386227 sudhirkumar55@nic.in 011-23381800
Mr. Nilanjan Sanyal Addl. Secretary 011-23363292 asnmew-mowcd@nic.in 011-23368830
Ms. Aditi S Ray Sr. EA 011-23342879
Mr. A. N Jha FA 011-23382696 fa.wcd@nic.in 011-23070668
Dr. Shreeranjan JS 011-23387683 jscw.wcd@nic.in 011-23070479
Mr. S.K. Nayak JS 011-23384578 sk.nayak@nic.in 011-23070611
Ms. Sangeeta Verma EA 011-23383823 ea.wcd@nic.in 011-23070480
Ms. Preeti Madan JS 011-23389434 preetim@nic.in 011-23070272
Mr. Vivek Joshi JS 011-23381654 vivek.joshi@nic.in 011-23382071
Mr. Aditya Prakash SA 011-23362945 sa.wcd@nic.in 011-23362946
Ms. Kalyani Chadha Dir.(IT/CW2/ICPS) 011-23384714 kalyani.chadha@nic.in
Mr. Lakheshwar Sakia Dir.(WWH/STEP) 011-23070672
Ms. Vinita Aggarwal Dir.(GB/Ujjawala) 011-23384488 aggarwal.vinita@nic.in
Ms. Rupa Dutta Dir.(ICDS/WBNP) 011-23385614 rupadutta1@gmail.com
Ms. Anju Bhalla Dir.(CSWB) 011-23381857 anju_bhalla@nic.in
Mr. A.P. Shrivastava DS(Admn./Gen.) 011-23385192 ap.shrivastava@nic.in
Mr. H.S. Nanda DS(ME/Trng/Vig.) 011-23341467 hsnanda@nic.in
Mr. Pradeep Kapoor DS(NMEW) 011-23362519
Mr. G. Devnani DS(Finance) 011-23347623
Mr. Gulshan Lal DS 011-23385691 gulshanlal2006@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Lopamudra Mohanty DS(SABLA/Media) 011-23074215
Mr. J.P. Arya JD(R) 011-23361305
Ms. Renu Satija US(Budget) 011-23389612 usww.wcd@nic.in
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha US(CSWB/RMK/ Swadhar/SSH) 011-23383809 sanjay301967@yahoo.co.in
Mr. Shailendra Kureel US(SABLA) 011-23385691 shailendra.kureel@nic.in
Mr. B.B. Gupta US(Creche/Vigilance/ NIA) 011-23382743 gupta.bb@nic.in
Mr. Fazal Mahmood US(IFD) 011-23389984 mahmood.fazal@nic.in
Ms. Surinder Kaur US(Coord./ Ujjawala/ Dhanlaxmi) 011-23745630 us-norad.wcd@nic.in
Mr. H.K. Pattanaik US (CD-II & ME) 011-23382747 hkpattanaik@nic.in
Mr. Rajesh Sharma US(ICDS(T)/WB) 011-23368202 pm-wb.wcd@nic.in 011-23362376
Mr. Naveen Yadav US(Adm/ECE) 011-23382747 naveen.yadav@nic.in
Mr. D.V.K. Rao US(WW) 011-23381970 dvk.rao@nic.in
Mr. Radhey Shyam US (CW-I/RFD) 011-23388506
Mr. Jai Kishore US (G. Adm) 011-23382743
Mr. R. Chatterjee US(CW-II) 011-23382743 robin.chatterjee@nic.in
Mr. B. Gangopadhyay US(Media/IFC) 011-23382747 b.gangopadhyay@nic.in
Ms. Jatinder Kaur US(CD-I/CD-III) 011-23386423 uscd.wcd@nic.in
Mr. Anshu Mauli Kumar US(WWH/IWEP) 011-23383809 amkumar@nic.in
Mr. Rajesh Kumar US(STEP) 011-23383809
Mr. Manoj Kumar US(NA) 011-23385691 manojkumar1616@nic.in
Ms. Pratima Gupta DD 011-23745630 pratima.gupta@nic.in
Mr. A. K. Goyal Sr. Programmer 011-23389612 icds.wcd@nic.in
Mr. Nicholas Xalxo AD(Hindi) 011-23385354 olhindi.wcd@nic.in
Mr. Sudesh Kumar AD(M) 011-23365192 ad_m.wcd@nic.in
Mr. Roop Singh AD(M) 011-23389612 singh.roop@nic.in
Dr. Prabha Arora AD(CD) 011-23389612 arora.prabha@nic.in
Dr. S. K. Adhikari AD(WB) 011-23362376 sk.adhikari@nic.in
Mr. R.C. Negi AD 011-23361721
Mr. R.Nihal Pedric AD(GB) 011-23070704 nihalpedric@nic.in


Dr. S. S. Singh TD 011-23388074 sssingh@nic.in
Mr. V. K. Selvaraju PSA 011-23388074 vkselvaraju@nic.in
Ms. Kavita Shrivastava SSA 011-23388074 kavita@nic.in

General Services

Mr. R.P. Sharma Parl. Assistant 011-23385468 parlia.wcd@nic.in


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