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New Simplified “Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children 2015” Become Operationals


1965644_10152913009935798_3679476893474718173_oNATIONAL LEGAL RESEARCH DESK

The new simplified “Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children 2015” notified by the Central Government on 17th July 2015 have come into effective from today. Along with it, the fully revamped IT application for the purpose of adoption of children , CARINGS (Child Adoption Resource Information & Guidance System), has also become operational from today.

The new Guidelines are intend to provide for more effective regulation for adoption of orphan, abandoned and surrendered children and would bring more transparency and efficiency in the adoption system. With the new guidelines, it would become possible for Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) to track the status of their application making the entire system more user friendly.

The completely revamped CARINGS will facilitate the adoption of maximum number of adoptable children and ensure a smoother adoption process by curbing undue delays. For hassle-free adoption, CARINGS will contain a centralized data bank of adoptable children and PAPs. Clear cut timelines for domestic and inter-country adoption have been laid down to ensure early deinstitutionalization of such children.

CARINGS will now facilitate adoption with the help of the following features:

i) Now, PAPs in India need not approach adoption agencies for registration. The parents can register online and upload relevant documents to determine their eligibility; Parents can directly register online without visiting the adoption agency;

ii) Home Study Reports are conducted by the adoption agencies and uploaded online;

iii)There will be online referral to the PAPs followed by visit to adoption agencies;

iv)In cases of inter-country adoption also, all applications are to be accepted online on CARINGS and requisite documents need to be uploaded in the system;

v)Both in domestic and in international adoption, Post-adoption follow-up shall be posted online in


vi)Real time online report generation facility on periodic basis;

vii)All Specialised Adoption Agencies are connected to CARA online for in-country and inter-country adoption;

viii) Centralized online receipt of application for inter-country adoption at CARA and distribution of applications to Specialised Adoption Agencies (SAAs) by CARA;

ix) Real-time online information of children available in adoption agencies across the country;

x) District Child Protection Units (DCPUs) are connected in CARINGS for monitoring adoption programme at the district level;

xi)More streamlined, very transparent adoption programme.

CARINGS would be instrumental to implement, supervise, monitor and evaluate the child adoption programme in the Country in accordance with Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children, 2015 issued by Government of India.



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