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Notification for setting up Investigative Units for Crimes against Women (IUCAW)




Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India issued a notification to all the Chief Ministers/Administrators of all states/ UTs regarding setting up of Investigative Units for Crimes against Women (IUCAW) vide Letter No 15011/72/2014-SC/ST-W dated January 5, 2015.

As per the notification, the Hon’ble MHA has proposed for setting up IUCAWs in 150 Police districts which are more crime prone with respect to crimes against women in the country with a 50:50 cost sharing basis with the States/UTs. The notifications states that the States/UTs have liberty to set up these units at Police districts of their choice where the incidents of crime against women are higher in comparison to other Police districts within it.

The objective of these units will be to assist the local Police in investigation of heinous crimes viz. Rape, Dowry Death, Human Trafficking etc. they will also provide the additional functionalities of proactive policing, intelligence gathering, tackling organized crime, monitoring proper implementation of the legislative provisions, help in awareness generation and social participation in crimes against women. Thus, as per the proposal the objective of the Unit would be four-fold: Augment the investigative machinery of the states in relation to heinous crimes against women; to encourage women to come forward and lodge complaint; to improve the gender ratio in the State Police forces for effective implementation of the legislations relations relating to women; help in awareness generation and social participation.

The Unit would be comprised of 15 personnel out of which 1/3rd will be Women personnel headed by Additional Superintendent of Police. Each Unit again will consist of 04 sub-units headed by an Inspector which will form the core investigative Unit . Two (2) Dy. Superintendent of Police headed by the ASP will function in the supervisory capacity.

The initiatve that the Hon’ble Ministry of Home Affairs with an objective in augmenting proper investigation, for creating awareness and social mobilization among the masses and also increasing the number of Women Police with an aim for effective legislation of existing laws on women, would establish an effective role of the Police Department to fight back Crime Against Women from all the States and Union Territories.


  1. Letter No 15011/72/2014-SC/ST-W dated January 5, 2015. circulate the all Police stations and cp DGP ACP DCP SP DSP ASP SI CI Constables,with Importantance and Resist about this circular,for taking to correct Investigation and perfect report


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