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Shelter Based Schemes of WCD Ministry



The Ministry of Women and Child Development has been implementing two shelter based schemes, Swadhar and Short Stay Home, for providing emergency outreach services to women in difficult circumstances who do not have societal/family support or independent means of income.

In house training or training through institutes is provided to the inmates of the shelter homes in various trades like tailoring, agarbatti and candle making, nursing, computer training, lab-tech, readymade garments, etc. to make them self- reliant with a view to rehabilitate them.

Under Swadhar Scheme, women in distress under different situations are given admission in Swadhar homes. However, children of these women below the age of 18 years can accompany and stay with their mothers in such homes. Under Short Stay Home Scheme, women and girls in the age group of 15 to 35 years are given preference for admission. The scheme of Swadhar Greh, formulated by merging the schemes of Swadhar and Short Stay Homes, is intended to benefit women above 18 years of age; however, children accompanying the women can also avail of Swadhar Greh facilities. Swadhar-Greh scheme envisages a plan of action for rehabilitation of the children, who accompany their mothers to the shelter homes.


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